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5 ways to control your mind and overcome its limits

Emotions are states of mind. There are many ways to control your mind. Nature has provided us with “mind chemistry”, operations that can be compared to the principles of chemistry. A chemist may create a deadly poison by mixing different substances in a certain way, none of which may be harmful individually in the right proportions normally. Likewise, the emotions may be combined to create a deadly combination. For example, mixed emotions of sex and jealousy may turn a person wildly insane, whereas unregistered anger may turn in to a self-destructive spiral.

Emotional operations for mind control

Through mind chemistry, the presence of destructive emotions set up a poison that may cloud your judgment, as well as destroy your sense of reason and fairness.

The road to stability can be found partly through emotional control. Some of the next steps can help you in this process:

  1. You can encourage the presence of emotional well-being by dominating your mind with good-feeling thoughts. The mind is a creature of habit. It thrives upon the dominating thoughts fed to it. Choose to think positively because of what you think, you will feel and act out/behave.
  2. Find some good in everything you see and hear. Even in the most negative and adverse situations, something good and beneficial can be found. It is not about being delusional but gaining a sense of reality through balance. 
  3. Be aware of your inner conversations; make your inner dialogue self-encouraging, self-motivating, self-strengthening. Treat you like you would treat a person you love and value. Without realising you can depress and stress yourself, which causes doubts and produces negative emotions. 
  4. Control your mind through the power of your will. Control comes from persistence and habit. Your mind is the slave and you’re the master. You must control it otherwise it will disturb its healthy state and will control its master. Keep the reins on your mind like on a wild horse constantly tight and never let it run wild. Direct it and manage it. Only then will you gain control over it. 
  5. Your mind’s subconscious beliefs and programs are like unquestioned commands that determine what is possible and impossible, what you can or cannot do. To make your mind do what you want it to, you need to have a positive state of mind, the mind of a winner.

Your next step towards healing:

Decide to make a positive change for a joyous and peaceful living. Decide to invest in yourself and your healing for your grander and greater life. Take a step towards a positive change into a greater future.

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