About Natalia Nad

BSc, MSc PostGrad, Masters, FHT Member.

Natalia Nad is a fully qualified and experienced psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and spiritual energy healer. For over 25 years, Natalia has been positively transforming people’s lives with astounding success. As the mind transforms so does our physical, mental and emotional life.

About Natalia

Natalia Nad is a fully qualified and experienced psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and spiritual energy healer. For over 25 years, Natalia has been positively transforming people’s lives with astounding success. As the mind transforms so does our physical, mental and emotional life.

A healthy mind creates a happy life

Drawing on her experience and knowledge in multiple disciplines, Natalia developed a single approach to healing called Supreme Consciousness Holistic Therapy. This cures complex psychological, social, psychosomatic and many other health issues, instantly relieving the patient of limiting beliefs and traumas, be they conscious or unconscious. Natalia’s compassionate approach targets all parts of the mind, body and soul with remarkable success, as can be seen from the testimonials.

Natalia has been a guest speaker on BBC Radio and featured in UK National Newspapers discussing such topics as mental and sexual health, sexual addiction and fetishism.

Treatment can be offered in person in Chelsea, London, or remotely online. Either method works equally well. If you would like to heal and transform your life, please contact Natalia. All communications are treated with the strictest of confidence.

Training and Qualifications

  • BSc in Counselling Psychology
  • PostGradDip in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma
  • Neuro-Linguistic-Programming certificate
  • FHT Member
  • Master in Theta Healing
  • Master in Reiki Healing

Natalia’s Journey

Natalia has been blessed with a gift to heal. At the age of four, she cured her teacher’s long-lasting migraine issues within a matter of minutes. However, Natalia repressed her healing ability for over 20 years because of the unwanted attention it attracted. During that time, she followed a more conventional path, obtaining an education in psychology as well as pursuing a more ‘traditional’ approach to healing.

Despite her qualifications in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), she came to realise that talking therapies alone tend to take far too long and often end without the desired results. Natalia’s deepest wish was to make a significant difference to people’s lives and that inspired her to seek out other approaches.

Determined to eliminate people’s suffering by bringing positive and rapid changes to their lives, she qualified in deep trance Regressive Analytic Hypnotherapy, Suggestive Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Therapy (NLP). This integration of psychotherapy with hypnotherapy proved effective in healing the mind, but still had its limits. Natalia felt she could provide a greater service to humanity through faster and less intrusive healing methods. Since even as a child she’d experienced just how effective energy healing could be, she concluded that regardless of how qualified and experienced in the more traditional scientific approaches she was, none of these could compare to her experience of divine energy healing.

After attaining a Masters qualification in Reiki, she realised Reiki too has limits and generally involves lengthy treatments. The solution came in the form of Theta Healing, an approach that draws on natural intuitive abilities to make instant changes to the mind, body and soul through the application of intuition and the Divine essence.

Natalia’s unique ability to integrate these different approaches brought considerable success. However, she was constantly aware that cures could still be achieved more rapidly. She came to realise that learning from the outside was no longer going to be the way forward. Instead the answers lay within, beyond the conscious mind, transcending the limits of identity consciousness and reaching the unlimited resources of the Divine essence. The source of all true healing is the Divine power, the Supreme Consciousness.

Who you are is Divinity itself, with immense Divine power. The body has limited power, but your true power is limitless, you are the ‘Infinite Imperishable I’. Your relationship with the Divine Self is reflected in your relationship with others and the world.

With Natalia’s own profound mind transformations and soul liberation, she was driven to further her abilities to cure far more quickly, even some conditions considered incurable. Having spent years in ashrams and deep meditation, she had realised the power of the Divine within and attained soul liberation. All the complexities of healing on a conscious, subconscious, genetic and soul level turned into a simple but powerful formula of healing that Natalia calls Supreme Consciousness Holistic Therapy.

With Supreme Consciousness Holistic Therapy it is common for complex problems to be cured within a few hours. For instance, one patient had been undergoing weekly psychotherapy sessions for over 10 years without success was cured within 15 minutes. Another patient had been addicted to drugs for over 22 years and was cured within in 3 sessions. Another patient with kidney failure and believed to be in need of urgent surgery, was healed in a single session. 6 years on they are still going strong without any further medical interventions.

Make the choice to live a more fulfilled life, filled with love, peace, health and prosperity.

Let Natalia help you make positive changes in your life to find the happiness and liberation you deserve.

Discover the incredible power and world of infinite treasures within you.

Humanity is a single community - all are one

Unity in diversity makes the whole world one true family. Selfless service is the path to self-realization and liberation. Selfless service to all is expanded self-love.

The mind is the most precious asset we possess and when it is healthy it can elevate us to incredible heights, leading to success, liberation and self-realisation.

When you master your mind, you master your destiny.


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