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Calm mind for your calm life – 8 stress self-help steps

Most of us are trying to find the balance between our work and personal life, to lead happy and fulfilling lives without stress. Sometimes this appears too hard to attain especially when stressors such as difficult relationships, divorce, finances and work seem to accumulate and plot against us. This causes stress, which leads to many health issues such as physical, mental, emotional exhaustion and burn out, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, IBS, insomnia, and irritability.

Stress self-help steps

Therefore, it is important to understand what triggers your stress and how to manage it. Stress is your unique response to the external negative stressors.  Experience of stress is yours but stressors are external. You may not have the power to change what you are facing, but you have a choice in how you face them.

Here are 7 simple steps you can do to overcome stress, attain equilibrium and make your abilities for stress management one of your strongest.

  • Create a  mental void by focusing on the now, the time where the past doesn’t exist and the future has not yet happened. Be present and fully immersed in the moment. 
  • Detach. Observe your thoughts, feelings and experiences without judgment from afar. Look at yourself and the situation as separate from your mind. Be watchful of your mind. 
  • Identify the stressor. What is stressing you right now? What’s the worst thing that could happen? Imagine the worst has happened. Is it realistic?
  • Cultivate self-compassion. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with love and care. This helps in detaching yourself from your self-defeating thoughts. Treat yourself like you would treat the person you love the most in the world or your best friend. 
  • Unwind. What helps you relax? Consider self-hypnosis, exercise, yoga, meditation, hot bath, breathing techniques. Set aside relaxation time and have a healthy diet.  
  • Think good feeling thoughts. Become aware of negative thought patterns that trigger success limiting thoughts, attitudes and behaviours. Actively focus on changing these thought patterns by introducing things that trigger positive results. Keep your thoughts calm so your mind stays calm. Calm mind = Calm life.  
  • View life as a big platform of opportunities: focus your mind on the possibilities rather than the limitations. Welcome change. 
  • Accept responsibility for your own destiny.  Plan your day. Plan your future. 

If feelings and thoughts of stress persist then it’s best to cure its root causes. To see if you have a chronic stress and need healing read more here about the symptoms for chronic stress.

The best way forward – heal from chronic stress with my/Natalia’s

If you’re looking for help to overcome your inner stressors and programme your mind with resilient response to any stress in life, I am certain I can and would be happy to help you. You don’t need to spend years in therapy. You can start seeing positive changes immediately with my holistic mind and soul healing approach. 

Your next step towards healing:

Decide to make a positive change for a joyous and peaceful living. Decide to invest in yourself and your healing for your grander and greater life. Take a step towards a positive change into a greater future.

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