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Change your karma for a greater life – karma from past lives can be ceased through self-healing

What does buddha teach us about karma? Action and consequence appears to be a cruel revolving wheel from which there is no escape since each reaction in its turn is an action with further consequences. The wheel is the symbol the Buddha used to picture the endless sequence of life, death and rebirth. 

What is karma?

Karma is a force of an action which will not be complete until its energy has been totally used up in the consequences of that action. Karma tells us that we are bound to experience what we have set in motion in the past. Karma is often compared to a boomerang and referred to as:

“what goes around comes back around”

“the way we give we are bound to receive”

“what we sow, we shall reap”

Karma is a consequence of good and bad deeds. Why our present birth?

Our good and bad actions are the cause of rebirth. They determine the kind of life one is born into and the character one is to have.

Our present birth came about because of that karmic force and, until we can get free from the entangling web of action and reaction, our karmic destiny will continue through eons of time, until eventually, the journey is completed.  The journey started when life is particularised as granite then progresses to vegetation, animal, human, super-human, to eventually the realisation of the Supreme Consciousness.

My past lives effect on present life experiences

My case shows that the karmic force of unresolved effects of an action continuously carried forward from life to life until lessons are completed. Only then the cycle is broken and history stops repeating itself.

One morning I awoke with an unexplainable pain in my right ankle. It felt broken and I could not move or step on it. Consciously I knew nothing was wrong with it, but equally, I knew that it was broken and I had to do self-healing to re-enable mobility of my right ankle.

As I started my self-healing, past lives vividly flashed in front of my eyes. Each in a different body and times they all shared a similar thread. In all of them my right ankle would get broken. It was obvious to me that I had to seek an answer in my past lives and I used my intuitive abilities to trace the cause for the otherwise unexplainable pain and immobility of my ankle.

For example, in one of the past lives I was in a male body desperately trying to get out from a coffin which had been nailed shut. To my horror I was being buried alive! In vain I was screaming and kicking with my right foot to let myself out, breaking my ankle in the process. I eventually died in agony as I ran out of oxygen. Some of the lessons of that life was to stop identifying with my body.

As I was resolving each past life by extracting the valuable wisdom of each life, the pain that held me bound to it and the pain in my ankle in the present would subside simultaneously. There was a direct correlation between the unexplainable pain in my ankle in this life and pain linked to unresolved lessons through broken ankles in past lives.

It was only after I had completed all the lessons associated with each life, gleaning wisdom from my experiences, that I was able to free myself from the unresolved force of past actions and release the pain from my body in the present. By resolving my past lives’ issues, I was freed from the effect of my past actions which were adversely affecting my present life. Doing so liberated me from energetic blocks in my physical and emotional bodies and change immediately my experience of life.

This story demonstrates how our choices and actions can cause an effect from which we cannot escape even by being born in a new body.

Decide to invest in yourself and your healing for your grander and greater life by negating your karma

If you wish to receive professional help in overcoming your past life or present life limits, stop the history from repeating, to positively transform your life, I would be happy to help you.

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