Heal yourself and your family

Would you like to heal and learn how to heal others?

Do you have a relationship you would like to improve or let go?

Seeking meaning or a positive change? Want to realise your true potential?

With healing, You can BE, DO and HAVE all Your heart desires. How?

There is a creative power within everyone which transcends the limited conscious personality. It is The Cosmic Consciousness, your True Self. Unity with the True Self promises you infinite Love, Prosperity, Bliss, Peace, Happiness, Joy. All unhappiness, psychological problems are symptoms of the sickness of separation from the True Self. Disconnection from the True Self unplugs the channel of receiving, support and help from all possible. To receive the life you want to start from your alignment with your True Self. True and permanent healing.

This workshop

The workshop is designed to help you to heal and learn how to heal your family and yourself.
Under guidance and healings through connection to Cosmic Consciousness, Your True Self. The Greatest Healer of all.

Using my intuitive abilities to tune into the audience and deliver teachings to assist you in transforming all areas of your life. A highly-attuned empathic healer and a psycho-hypnotherapist I have the ability to channel healing energy through my voice for immediate healings. Knowledge of profoundly healing teachings.

You will go through a series of interactive psychological exercises, transforming guiding meditations and group healings.

Break the chains and set you free from the old programs that have held you hostage. When you free up energy from unwanted, your past relationships, traumas and all that keep you imprisoned and limited; it opens up and creates space. Allowing a positive change, in yourself and all you see around you.

A vast number of people around the world have applied these principles and produced amazing and rapid healings and life change for themselves.

Each teaching offers healing and transformation as you:
Connect and co-create with Higher Consciousness (unlimited resources) for mental, emotional, physical healings, spiritual guidance and manifestations. In this mind state, you can create anything and change reality instantly. Release emotional ties that bind you for freedom from the past, create space for love, peace and harmony. Transform your relationship with yourself and the world by conflict resolution, letting go of resentments.

Change belief system for total healing through liberation from old restrictive behaviours, bad habits, limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotional blocks, psychological issues (stress, anxiety, anger, depression, addictions etc).

Ascend your energy though soul fragment retrieval, soul repair and group healing for the finer
experience of your life. You attract your vibrational match. Positively program your subconscious mind, receive downloads to realise your full potential. Change your Karmic pattern and stop the history repeating. Complete lessons that your soul needs to learn for the brighter future ahead.
Heal your past to move forward and create the life you want.