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Fetish Cure

How to cure a fetish and restore mental and emotional health

Experiencing sexual responses to stimuli we are aroused by is a natural part of having a healthy libido but, in some cases, sexual gratification requires very specific triggers, which become kinkier the more one deviates from emotional and mental self-connection.

I recently worked with a man who derived sexual gratification by being dominated and humiliated by women. Unfortunately this disorder debilitates many. Fuelled by impurities in the mind, a fetish is a symptom of deeper held issues of emotional or physical intimacy, which further reinforce or negatively impact your ability to form healthy relationships.

What causes fetishism?

More often than not fetishism is rooted in childhood, and can manifest as a result of:

  1. A distorted parent-child relationship.
  2. Observing inappropriate sexual behaviour during childhood, or sexual abuse.
  3. Experiencing early trauma or shameful and humiliating experiences.
  4. Character disorder.
  5. Over dependence.

For example, my patient who derived gratification from being dominated was emotionally abused by his mother and let down by his father. Being intimate with a powerful woman, whom he needs to please and surrender to, helped him bypass his subconscious defences against emotional vulnerability. This in turn helped him to gain temporary self-empowerment, self-esteem, relax and achieve sexual gratification.

Can you overcome a fetish?

For most, sheer willpower and even withdrawing from sexual stimuli such as porn cannot help to control a fetish. We are conditioned to believe that no matter what we try we cannot rid ourselves of these deep rooted sexual compulsions. I now know this to be untrue. By reprogramming all parts of the mind, DNA and brain rewiring – a combination of Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy – I have successfully cured fetishes in many patients.

Can CBT or Psychotherapy help to overcome a fetish?

Talking therapies can be helpful in understanding what drives your fetish, however this conscious awareness isn’t enough to silence or eliminate your impulses.

Why can’t conscious awareness cure me of my fetish?

Having a conscious awareness of your fetish is the same as being aware you have a virus on your computer. Just because you know the virus exists doesn’t rid you of the problem.

The same applies to changing your behaviour. In order to get a grip on your fetish you need to reprogram your conscious and unconscious mind, brain, DNA, and overcome the subconscious defence mechanisms that subvert you into keeping your fetish in place.

How can I learn to control my fetish?

To overcome a fetish, you need to eliminate all that feeds it. That’s why I treat fetishism using a two-tier approach that delivers fast and permanent changes.

First, I integrate Psychoanalytic and CBT therapies to get to know your subconscious drives.
Second, I instill my intuitive healing abilities (Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healing techniques) to replace NLP and Regressive Hypnotherapy and make painless, rapid, changes on all parts of the mind, body, brain, genetics and soul – the Supreme Consciousness Holistic Therapy.

If you wish to overcome your fetish, contact me on +(0) 7848 004400 or email: for a no-obligation 15 minute consultation, or to arrange your first two hour session.