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How do we negate bad karma? Stop the cycle of history repeating itself?

Karma is a consequence of good and bad deeds

The consequence of good and bad deeds is the only luggage carried from death to birth.

In fact, good and bad actions are the cause of rebirth. They determine the kind of life one is born into and the kind of nature and character one is to have.

What causes bad karma?

Vedic scripts explain that people create bad karma bondage by a triple knot, which is:
Impure desires, lust
Self-centered, selfish actions

Understand your life experience. How do you create the life you have

All the good and bad that you come across in the external world are just your own reflections. The whole world depends on your own conduct. If you are good, so too will the world be. It is a mistake to think that there is bad all around you in the world. In fact, it is your own bad which is revealed outside. If your feelings are destructive, the world all around will look ominous and sinful to you. If your feelings are divine, you will find divinity and light everywhere.

Whatever you see in the outside world is actually a part of you. For example, if there is someone that hates you, it is actually the hatred in you that has taken the form of hatred in them. In the same manner, praise or blame and good or bad are all reflections of your own self. Whatever you see in the outside world, whatever you experience, has, in fact, come from within you.

If your thoughts and feelings are pure, you can see the reflection of Divinity clearly. When your thoughts are impure and wicked, you cannot see the reflection of Divinity. The mistake lies in your thoughts and not in the reflection. The world outside is just a reflection of your heart. If you fill your heart with love, you will experience love everywhere.

How do we negate bad karma?

  • Be Selfless. Don’t expect anything back, don’t count giving. Help all, love all, serve all. A bad seed cannot geminate when it is covered with too much earth. Likewise a lifetime of good deeds cover a multitude of bad deeds. Do loving service to those who are in need of sustenance, courage, love and help. 
  • Purify your heart and do spiritual practice.  When the ego surrenders to The Real Self, Supreme consciousness in the final moment of self-realisation, all karma is transcended. Ego and attachment stand as obstacles in our path. Only when you give up ego and attachment will you have purity of heart, which in turn will lead you to the experience of Supreme Wisdom.
  • Meditate & transcend your mind. The whole cosmos is nothing but a projection of our mind. The mind alone is the cause of all things. The external world reflects your thoughts. If you view the world with love, it will appear as filled with love. If you view it with hatred, everything will appear antagonistic to you. Meditate to control and calm your mind.

How can I help with my healing changing karma?

Decide to invest in yourself and your healing for your grander and greater life by negating your karma. Heal your past to stop the cycle of history repeating itself.  Read about how my past lives effected the present until healed

If you wish to receive professional help in overcoming your past life or present life limits, to let go of old and unwanted thought patterns and to positively transform your life, I would be happy to help you.

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