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How to get sexual gratification without being a slave to your fetish

Resistance to healing from fetishism is common. It stems from a deep held fear to let go of control or be controlled in order to feel worthwhile as well as the assumption that you will never be able to find sexual gratification if you can no longer rely on fetishistic fantasies. For most, healing from fetishism means the end of the ability to be sexually aroused and be gratified. This is a misjudgement, often caused by deep emotional wounds. I’ve successfully treated numerous individuals with fetishistic disorder to be certain that healing from the root causes of fetishism provides people with the freedom of mind to enjoy a pleasurable, intimate and abuse free sex life.

About fetishism

Life impairing fetishism generally manifests itself as an intense need to control someone sexually or be controlled by a sexual partner. Fetishistic behaviour includes sadistic or masochistic impulses. If you need to inflict pain and humiliation on others or desire your sexual partners to hurt and humiliate you in order to achieve sexual gratification, you are mostly likely a victim of fetishistic disorder.

Conventional sex requires you to be able to trust your partner, connect with them and be vulnerable. If you’ve suffered emotional trauma earlier in life, maintaining this type of intimacy and closeness is going to be near impossible. Fetishism becomes a life impairing disorder as it actually is a manifestation of your human need to seek protection from past abuse or trauma. Some root causes of the disorder are:

  • A distorted parent-child relationship
  • Witnessing inappropriate sexual behaviour during childhood or facing sexual abuse
  • Character disorders 
  • Having overprotective parents

Why fetishism side effects

Denial and the reluctance to heal from fetishistic dependency is part of the illness. You may fear gaining control over your fetish will cause disability in your sexual gratification.

Every fetish is a defence mechanism that your subconscious mind uses to deal with your emotional scars and fears to allow sexual intimacy. You depend on it only until you heal your inner, invisible past wounds. Once you healed, you will control your fetish and use only if you wish to. If you allow your fetish addiction to go unchecked, it will become an all-consuming force that will seriously jeopardise your sex life, work, relationships and self-confidence.

Facing your fetishism dependency problem head on

Most people feel too ashamed to even talk about their condition, but healing only begins when you are ready to accept things as they are and seek help. If you are one of the thousands who suffer silently, your fetishism is holding you prisoner. Like any prisoner, you may crave freedom but you are locked in cell forged many years ago. I can help you find relief, freedom and lead a healthy and enjoyable sex life without having to depend on the fetish. Try to think about how much better you will feel if you can be free from the need to use sex workers constantly, depend on extreme pornography or masturbate several times a day obsessively.

Years of treating patients who suffer from fetishism has given me the depth of insight and expertise to use an integrated approach to effectively treat the disorder. I use mind reprogramming to rewire your brain to follow a happier and self-actualising pattern. My patients generally report instant changes after each of my

The best way forward – heal from your fetish dependency for your happy sexual life with my/Natalia's help

If you suffer from an extreme form of fetish, it’s best you seek treatment before the it sabotages your sexual, social and emotional functioning as well as your professional life. If you wish to receive professional help in overcoming your fetish, I would be happy to help you.

You don’t need to spend years in therapy. You can start seeing positive changes immediately with my mind and soul healing approach. My clients generally report a great improvement after the first session and go on to recover permanently from their illness and enjoy deeper connections with their sexual and romantic partner.

Your next step towards healing:

Decide to make a positive change for a joyous and peaceful living. Decide to invest in yourself and your healing for your grander and greater life. Take a step towards a positive change into a greater future.

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Natalia Nad, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Energy-Spiritual Healer, Psychic and Medium.

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