I first came to see Natalia following a very difficult period of my life.

Inevitably, my presenting symptoms were just that, symptoms of deep-rooted underlying unconscious beliefs, which had manifested themselves over years of simply living. Whilst I understood that they had all developed normally and naturally as part of the ‘human condition’ to protect and serve me, I nevertheless felt trapped in repeating cycles of circumstance, unable to achieve the goals and happiness I desired. As if something I was completely unaware of was holding me back.

Natalia’s approach and wealth of experience chimed with my understanding of psychology, health, and wellbeing. She utilised an effective range of tools and techniques to help me strip away the layers of redundant or unhealthy beliefs and address core issues I had buried deep in my subconscious. Her approach is professional, patient and non-judgmental. Above all, it is extremely effective. Many therapeutic approaches and therapists I have come across focus on the symptoms, not the underlying cause. Alleviating symptoms offers temporary assistance but, unless the underlying cause is managed, those symptoms will inevitably reoccur. Natalia’s approach provided me permanent, long-term benefits.

We are all different and we all progress at our own pace. However, I have been surprised at how rapidly I have noticed shifts and changes in my life. I no longer feel trapped in the same patterns of behaviour or frustrated at not realising my dreams and desires. My life now feels much more optimistic, fulfilling and above all happy. I would recommend Natalia to anybody who is human, regardless of whether they think they have ‘issues’ or need ‘therapy’. You don’t always know what’s been holding you back until it no longer is.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Andrew, I used my Supreme Holistic Therapy Healing, a holistic approach that integrates psychoanalytic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and spiritual energy healing (past lives, DNA and present life rapid healing). His mental health issues were healed by fixing the root causes of his low self-worth, traumas, low self-love, relationship problems and sexual problems. His mind was positively transformed and permanent positive changes were evident after each session, manifesting in positive personality changes and an improved life.