I find the group spiritual healing and meditations are extremely helpful because a very diverse group of people attend from different areas of life. You look at different aspects of life from everyone’s angle, their problems and their issues. Some of our issues reflect the same problems but in a different way.

Natalia’s spiritual healing with meditation really helps us to get rid of the stress, find our inner self and actually focus on our real purpose in life. She’s made us realise that it’s our inner self, inner world and mind that is going to change. What is around us reflects what’s within. The mind is positively reprogrammed with profound mind transformation and positive thinking, which give us good results. This positive broad mind transformation and the awareness of the mind’s power in the meditation sessions are extremely valuable.

After the spiritual-healing session (just as it is in face-to-face sessions with Natalia) I feel very relaxed and focused. To continue to have these sessions is extremely important because it is like a gradual training programme. It’s like a gradual build up of mental and personal growth, which is part of our personal development, and keeps us maturing and able to be more progressive in life. To become a better person and achieve greater things, personally as well as professionally.

Spiritual energy healing helps you in your professional life a lot because it calms and relaxes. As the mind expands, with Natalia’s positive programming and purification, I handle stress better, have more self-believe, self-trust and confidence. My job as a heart surgeon is quite stressful. It has different aspects of stresses and I find these spiritual healing in meditation sessions are very, very, helpful in helping me to cope with my job and life overall.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To help Anil rebuild confidence, calm and self-belief, necessary for a healthy response to the high pressures of heart surgery, I provided an integration of psychotherapy and spiritual energy healing (short term therapy/healing).