Natalia is absolutely amazing. She really tackles a whole range of issues. It gets quite personal, but she will help you to open up and really understand the issues you have in your life.

Natalia is really the person to see because she can really drill down into the deep issues with her natural abilities to heal. She really has a good healing energy and I believe that she’s really transformed my life.

I’ve noticed a huge benefit from only a few sessions. It’s really something I can’t recommend enough. Just make sure you have at least one or two sessions with Natalia and the sessions will speak for themselves. Don’t be afraid, just go for it. Really try it because it’s helped me and I’ve been to other healers and seen other people but Natalia has a gift. If you really want to tackle any types of issues, I think Natalia can really help you out. It’s just a different approach as she gets really deep. Natalia uses a combination of psychology and natural healing. It’s difficult to explain but I think that Natalia has a gift. Her credentials speak for themselves in terms of psychotherapy and when you combine that with her natural healing abilities, she can really analyse and psychoanalyse.

You understand the root problems and Natalia provides a solution to those problems with her natural healing abilities. You feel a sense of calm in sessions, you just feel totally at ease. You feel a great space, surrounded by great energy.

Natalia can actually step into that space with understanding of your issues and help you in practical terms to resolve them. I’m a shy person but I am comfortable in her sessions. She’s 100% confidential and anything you discuss stays between you. I think Natalia reminds me of a kinesiologist in terms of her methodology. With testing, in terms of your acceptance of the healing energies that she transmits. I could probably equate it to that in a psychotherapy/ healing/ kinesiology mixed up altogether. So it’s amazing because I don’t think there’s anybody else that does this. She combines all the different practices together.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To help Kalum transform his life, following many years unemployment, misfortune, feelings of low self-worth and low-self-confidence, grief, OCD and addictions,  I provided four hours of holistic healing, an integration of psychotherapy with spiritual energy healing.