You might find yourself asking questions about yourself on a personal level or your career. The topic of choice for a session with Natalia can really be anything you decide.

A session with Natalia is absolutely unique and quite frankly like no other experience. She has a pure gift of assisting people with profound and rapid transformations. She analyses your life situation as a very experienced therapist (psycho-analytic psychotherapist, psychic and spiritual energy healer) and knows intuitively which approach is best suited to address your chosen issue.

Natalia provides very deep insight from a perspective that you would not have had or previously considered. She is able to look into your mind. However, it goes much deeper than your average and predictable analysis and advice. The real essence of your topic is tackled and unraveled in unimaginable ways. After the session you are in awe of what just happened. You are then armed with a fresh understanding, connection of all the dots related to the topic (the causes, effects and solutions).

It is a therapeutic experience and you feel renewed with a deep sense of re-orientation towards your true objective. You have a new plan and a new path forward.

Sessions with Natalia are definitely an enlightening experience and difficult to explain here. It is like having mind surgery, but very relaxing and soothing. It is something that you just have to experience for yourself. My mind has positively transformed and so has every area of my life. I highly recommend Natalia’s therapy and healing services for any psychological, spiritual, or psychoso-matic issues.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To help Bawo heal and positively transform his unfortunate life situation (six years of unemployment, very low self-confidence, chronic depression, loss of direction, and financial problems), I provided my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy, a combination of holistic healing, psychotherapy, and energy spiritual healing. This positively transformed Bawo’s life, his heavy money karma, debt, and mental health problems. His improvement was visible after each session and after seven sessions (two hours each), his depression had healed, he gained employment, his life became purposeful and he’s moving towards a brighter future.