I wish to thank Natalia for being a wonderful therapist. Throughout the years that I have seen Natalia, she has been non-judgmental, understanding and empathetic.

Natalia ws such a light and pillar of support throughout some of my darkest days of depression. Even though coming to see Natalia for therapy sessions was really tough on days when I found it hard to even get out of bed, I’m glad I did because she gave me healing and some sort of relief. I’m glad I had someone so non-judgmental to talk to, and someone to unload some of my anger, depression, and troubles onto.

What is the most incredible thing about Natalia as a therapist is that she is always so non-judgmental. I feel like I could say anything to Natalia and not be judged and that’s a wonderful feeling to have when I sometimes feel that the whole world is judging me and I’m afraid to be myself.

So, thank you Natalia! I’m so glad I found such a wonderful therapist.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Chai from his addiction to alcohol and drugs, severe depression, anxiety, identity loss, stress, and self-sabotage, I provided weekly sessions of holistic healing, psychotherapy, and spiritual energy healing.