Natalia’s approach is professional, patient, and non-judgmental. She is extremely effective. Before I found Natalia, I tried CBT for six years and other psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. All focused and worked on the symptoms, but not the underlying cause, deeply buried in my unconscious. I didn’t progress, even when I thought I did. I would relapse over and over. I wasted so much money and time but my suffering was taking over my life. Natalia didn’t focus on alleviating symptoms, but on the elimination of their root causes. She worked on positively transforming my DNA and positively transformed my mind. She accessed (without regressing me) my many past lives and healed my many times broken heart. Not limited by knowledge, healing, or therapy tools, she resolved the multiple underlying causes of my problems permanently. I no longer suffer with sexual addictions, depression or an eating disorder. Natalia helped me to gain full control over my overeating and obsessive binging. She stopped the vicious cycle and I’m now medication free and forever grateful.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Hugo from his eating disorder, sexual addiction, and depression I provided six sessions of holistic healing, psychotherapy, and energy-spiritual healing.