Before seeing Natalia, I had many issues that I needed help resolving. I had a mother that was increasingly irritating (I could barely spend five minutes with her without snapping), my speech was extremely slow and monotone and my successes were hindered by illness and injury, which was incredibly frustrating.

For many years, I couldn’t maintain success and kept on failing. Subconsciously self-sabotaging success, I kept myself working hard to get to the top, only to repeat the process over and over. I had trouble connecting with women. I couldn’t see myself anywhere near a relationship owing to the fact that I was so disconnected from women. I had concentration and memory issues. My inspiration was lacking. I took a variety of medications to try and support my concentration.

What changed is when I started coming to see Natalia. She told me that I should start coming off my medication, which I did. I’m now 100% entirely medication-free and I have better retention and concentration than I’ve ever had before. My spelling and writing used to be very bad before the sessions and are now much better. It was very bad in comparison to now. I could barely spell anything and now my spelling is very good. I can spell the hardest words in the dictionary. We worked on my ADHD also. I used to find it very hard to sit still and now I find it very easy to sit still and focus on specific tasks, one at a time.

I had difficulty with retention when it came to reading. I could read a single page of a book five times and still not be able to recall what was written, which was extremely frustrating as I study many academic subjects which require me to be able to recall what I’ve just read. Now, without medication, I am able to retain much more information. I can actually now read a book and be able to extract the information I need to use in my essays. Previously, I had a mental block when I came to go into lessons, I found it very tiring. I was just constantly tired for no reason, even if I didn’t have training. I was just tired all the time but Natalia worked on that. Now I’m alert in lessons, I don’t constantly feel tired, I’m much happier and able to concentrate. With the help of Natalia and her holistic healing integration of spiritual energy healing with hypnotherapy my dyslexia is now cured.

One other issue that I suffered prior to my sessions with Natalia was IBS. Everything and anything I ate, would cause me to bloat. I also couldn’t hydrate myself. No matter if I drank four-plus litres of water every single day. I took hydration salts, electrolytes but, no matter what, I could not hydrate my body. Now I don’t get bloated and hydration has gotten a lot better. I still have to drink lots of water because I do a lot of exercise but at least now my body actually hydrates.

I found the sessions very eye opening. They helped me on a level I’d never really explored before. The subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind and I think Natalia is one of the very few people that are able to truly work on the subconscious mind and transform you into a much more enlightened human being.

Healing with Natalia is one of the most powerful experiences you will encounter because of what you notice in yourself after the sessions. I saw changes from the very first session. It’s not a long process to see results in yourself. I’ve been on medication for maybe six years and I fully withdrew from my medications within three months of seeing Natalia. Results are fast and you transform mentally. Natalia brings forth and introduces all kinds of new knowledge and wisdom in you. For example, ways of living life that you would have never have even considered, thought about, or heard of. You will see how the world really works and how you can use that to help yourself. Truly unlock the fantastic.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Josh from his issues of poor concentration, memory recall, difficulty connecting with woman, self sabotage, procrastination, depression, ADHD, dyslexia and IBS, I provided six sessions of my Supreme Consciousness Holistic Therapy; a holistic approach of psychotherapy and spiritual-energy healing.