Natalia has changed my life forever. She truly is an amazing therapist; incredible, accomplished and always learning and growing (unlike other therapists, she doesn’t find one technique and just do that for 20 years).

Her talent and power at what she does is unmeasurable. She has helped several of my friends too and my closest friend and I always joke, ‘we can take on anything in life, as long as we have Natalia’. I believe anyone could go to Natalia with any issue and she could heal you from it.

The levels she goes to, to heal you from deep inside out is far beyond any normal therapist and I don’t believe there is anything she couldn’t handle.

One of her best qualities is her kind, caring aura, and approach. She instantly makes you feel comfortable and you know you are in a safe space with her, she will never judge or push you in a particular direction. She just helps you to heal, choose your own direction and go at your own pace.

But ultimately another amazing quality of hers, is that she truly wants you to get better. She is there to get results, to make big positive changes in your life, so that you aren’t still seeing her in a few years time.

Again, a lot of therapists are happy and comfortable treating people for years and until I met Natalia I didn’t realise how bad and unnecessary that is.

You just need to get to the root causes, heal those and work through the layers to change your life for the best and with long term results.

I saw Natalia regularly for 1-2 years and now I see her a couple of times a year, whenever I have the occasional mini emotional breakdown. She just helps me to see things clearly and reminds me of the root causes that lead me to act this way.

She truly is incredible and, I cannot say this enough, she will heal you in ways you never dreamed possible.

I personally never knew a life like I live now was even possible.

I suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, fear, self-sabotage, lack of self-worth (even though from the outside it would appear I was very confident and strong), mild addictions, all-or-nothing beliefs with relationships, trying to buy love, bad relationship choices, rudeness, hurt and anger from childhood (that at the time I wasn’t willing to accept or appreciate how it could, and does, effect our everyday lives as adults).

Our work together has improved every aspect of my life, my work and my relationships (family, friends, dating). I continue to grow, learn and heal, but I could never have got to where I am, or broken down the barriers, or even understood what was going on, without the incredible work I did with Natalia.


I wish everyone could experience Natalia.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Lucy I provided my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy, which heals patients quickly using a proven combination of mind and genetic reprogramming, and spiritual energy healing.