Marcel UK, 2023

My name is Marcel Reeves-Walker.
I am honoured to write this reference for Natalia Nad.
It is amazing to know that she even exists .
I have had the pleasure and blessings of being healed by Natalia during various very difficult stages in my life. She enabled me to understand why I was where I was and what choices I had made that took me there. She even showed me the choices that lie in front of me every single day and how I could change everything just by being more conscious about the choices that I would usually unconsciously make, all be it by predefined programs from my youth, self-justification or plain old excuses for making bad decisions.

Natalia opened my heart to be able to love again and helped me make peace with all the pain that I had collected over the years; she set it free. She set me free.
Natalia is gifted, blessed, compassionate, caring, intuitive, understanding, trustworthy, honest and most of all …… life changingly incredible!
Natalia is the reason that I am still alive!

Written with love and gratitude,

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

Every case is unique and so are the needs of each patient. The healing journey can vary due to personal experiences, environment and personality. It has been my great honour to have been of service to Marcel. To witness his unlimited potential expand and become realised is one of the greatest blessings I have been fortunate to encounter.

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