Mark, UK, 2022

My issues were bereavement and the pain of a relative who had caused issues within the family. The medium, intuitive and healing abilities of Natalia not only healed me but also my deceased aunt.

Natalia listened very carefully to the issues I was experiencing with the relative. She asked me to close my eyes and as she commenced her intuitive reading as a medium, I was able to fully relax and completely take in her wonderful words and healing.

As she explained that the relative was stuck between here and heaven, she could not let go without knowing that everything was okay between us. She explained that the relative was feeling guilt and wanted to be clear of it.

Natalia genuinely didn’t know anything about my deceased aunt, which was truly astonishing as she was able to relay information about my aunt she could never have known, such as my aunt’s hand being bound to prevent her pulling out her drip or her experience of the outbreak of WWII when she was just 9 years old. At 9 years old a bomb hit her house whilst the family was at the cinema!

Natalia was able to heal much of my pain over issues the aunt caused and provided me with much deeper understanding about my aunt’s trauma. This made it very easy to change from blaming to forgiving her. I found peace and love within. It was very important to me to hear my aunt’s goodbye and all she had wanted to say in her last moments but had been unable. It all made sense and the personality of my aunt was clearly evident in how Natalia framed her questions, the revealed details and even how her tone of her voice changed to mirror my aunt’s tone and humour.

The messages Natalia received from my aunt were so accurate I was so shocked to hear them. it was like my aunt was in the room with me. It was like I was re-living times with my aunt from many years ago, right up to her death.

Natalia passed on questions from my aunt about certain of my physical ailments and family situations that Natalia couldn’t have known about. It’s amazing that it was all done remotely. I was impressed to say the least. It makes feel very touched because it has strengthened the loving bond with my aunt and healed immediately my grief and all related traumas.

It was lovely to know what my aunt was thinking about us and why she could not pass properly due to guilt. Clearly the soul seeks permission and to know that everything is okay now.

Natalia knew that I was stressed by the issues with my aunt and that my neck was in particular feeling that stress. This was absolutely correct and I was really taken aback by this insight too. Since the session I have been a lot more relaxed and peaceful and my neck has stopped feeling stressed and become far looser.  I feel relieved of stress and understand my aunt far more than before my session with Natalia.

Natalia’s style is very relaxing, encompassing and deep. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering with such issues.

I found my session wonderful because of Natalia’s aura, her experience and how she showed me the path of enlightenment. It was a very deep session but very pleasant. Not only have I recovered my health and released much repressed emotion, allowing my aunt to heal and pass is a benefit to all parties concerned.

Natalia is a very special lady; she has a truly wonderful and beautiful spiritual aura about her. Her experience makes me feel comfortable to open up and discuss these issues. She makes me feel completely at ease and is so kind and deeply comforting. 

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

It was a great pleasure to be of help and support during such a painful time of great loss of his aunt. Overwhelmed with grief, suffering unresolved emotions, memories of trauma and psychosomatic ailments caused by the aunt – all healed by transforming his mind and purifying his heart. His deceased aunt was also healed during this session, finding peace and accepting my request to be released into to the light once she was satisfied with the positive changes given to Mark, herself and the messages he was to pass on to other family members. Mark and his family now think of her with love and understanding and found peace and comfort within. The approach used to heal the mind, body and soul of Mark and the mind and soul of his aunt was a single session of S.C. Holistic Therapy.

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