Mark UK, 2023

After a lifetime of being ruled by my fetish for sheer nylon, I am delighted to let you know that I am now cured and free of the fetish thanks to Natalia.

The fetish was so consuming that I was not able to function correctly, that said, at the time, I did not know about the effect it was having on me and my life. It was ruling my work, my social life and all other areas of my life. I was lying to myself, my family and my friends but had no idea of the ramifications and how this would literally make me a slave to the fetish.

I realised that I had to do something to try and find out how this was affecting me and to try and resolve it. I searched the internet to find someone who would understand my situation, it was not easy but I found Natalia.

We arranged to meet; I was very nervous but she made me feel so welcome and relaxed. Her aura was so beautiful, real and deep, it was a wonderful time and I felt so supported and cared for.

After our first session (we had 3 sessions), I realised that I felt different, like something had taken hold of me, Natalia had shown me how much my life was affected by the fetish, how it was holding me back and minimising the success of relationships. I felt that I was starting to realise that to rid myself of this was going to open up my future and feel free to find my true self.

Natalia has become a very special person to me, she has been able to give me my real life back. She is a very intelligent and highly experienced lady with years of knowledge to draw on to assist you. You can trust Natalia to be there for you, to ensure that you are supported and to help you understand your situation and allow you to take control of your life for a brighter future.

I cannot recommend Natalia more.

With all my love, always.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

Mark was cured from the sexual disorder transvestic fetishism (transvestism), expressed as obsessive urges to be sexual gratified by dressing in women’s sheer nylon tights whilst in servitude to women. With each session he gradually improved until a full cure was achieved. The root causes for the fetishism disorder were repressed fears, painful memories and a character disorder. Mark had three sessions and kindly shared his experiences of healing in our fetish cure podcast. Please enjoy listening.

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