We live in a world from which we can close off and stop showing our true personalities. Doing sessions with Natalia helped me to open up in so many ways and find a lot of hidden inner qualities I wasn’t aware of.

With Natalia’s hypnotherapy and spiritual energy healing, I became aware of my own strength and power, so I begun making changes almost straight away. As I’ve personally done the session myself with Natalia, I knew this would be very good for football players, because they have a lot of limitations. A lot of things that hinder them performing to the next level. That is why we consulted Natalia to come up with a retreat and help us to remove any mental, psychological, or physical limitations.

After individual sessions with each player, I immediately started to see the changes in the boys. They can see the changes too – from kicking better and running faster to feeling more confident, and in less pain. With these sessions, I really started to realise it’s a mental thing as much as physical. So it’s been a very good experience to work together to work towards a common goal in a group session. We want to especially reinforce everybody’s confidence because people may seem confident but actually, they’re not. There’s always something that’s bringing them down, like creative doubts in their mind. So, the group session that we did helped a lot of the players talk about what they could actually change and what they’re good at and not focus on what they don’t have.

One of the players was moaning a lot for a bit of work. As soon as Natalia looked deep into his mind, she realised that his physical limitations and personality problems were a mental problem linked to his parents. After this, he has been training and not complaining. More confident and really reaping the benefits of that session.

I had a similar condition where I would wake up, unable to walk, and kept taking time off work. My body couldn’t take stress. Physically I couldn’t do it, my body wasn’t able to cope with the demands. I was ready mentally but couldn’t move forward as my body would give up on me. After one session with Natalia, I felt a lot better. The weight lifted off my shoulders. The session was really eye opening because I see what is real. Because you don’t realise it all the time, you have all these things that you do and all these habits that in the longterm are not really healthy. In these sessions you start to remove all of these negative feelings, because when you have negative feelings they can lead to depression.

I was able to walk after one session so it was very very enlightening. By removing the psychological and emotional blocks, my body started to feel lighter and better overall. It took just one session. I was really surprised. It was a two hour session. It was quite intense. We would look deep within a family tree. I think it was very good because this helped me to understand where my limitations stem from and how they impact my life and me as person. Consciously, I used to actually work towards those things every day but still wake up with swellings, swollen joints, and my feet swollen, so I wouldn’t be able to walk for about a week or two. Since the session with Natalia I’ve had no swelling and no physical or psychological limits or problems. If you’re not ok, come to see Natalia for help.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To help Mat heal from his joint pain, feet swelling, and stress, I provided holistic healing (an integration of hypnotherapy with spiritual energy healing). One two hour session positively transformed his mind on all levels (conscious, subconscious and unconscious). He experienced rapid and permanent physical relief, while the footballers in the group session were able to remove their mental limitations and significantly improve their performance.