Natalia is simply the best. I was suffering from several fetishes for 16 years. Also from obsessive addictions over shoes, hills, feet, humiliation and sex workers.

I desperately wanted to be healed in order to have a normal life and be loyal to my wife. Initially Natalia helped me to understand my problems by asking analytical questions. Then she explained the need behind my fetish addictions and the cause of the fetishes. The final step was to heal me.

The healing session was conducted via Skype in just 1.5 hours, but it worked 100%. Since the session I’ve completely stopped, like magic. I totally ignore my fetishes. I do not wish or think about any fetishes. I no longer have a desire to be close to my wife’s feet, to watch porn, or to sniff my wife’s panties and socks. I was very surprised about the instant results as I expected to work for a much longer time with Natalia, but I am healed! Thanks for everything Natalia, I really believe that you have changed my life.

I recommend Natalia’s healing for fetishes and I encourage people who are suffering from fetishes to give her a chance to heal them because they will feel much better by living a normal life and being able to enjoy the real pleasures of life.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Michael from his fetish addictions, I provided a 1.5 hour session of my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy, which heals patients quickly using a proven combination of mind and genetic reprogramming, and spiritual energy healing.