I had hypnotherapy and spiritual energy healing sessions with Natalia and many positive things happened as a result.

Since age 12 I’ve had loss of hearing in my left ear. When it was medically diagnosed it was put to me that I need a hearing aid. Through sessions with Natalia, we worked on the causes of the hearing issues I’d experienced through childhood; how I didn’t want to hear, refused to hear and shut myself off by closing my hand on one ear and pushing the other against a pillow. As a child I would fall asleep this way. It was connected to my parents arguing and violence in the home. Over the sessions I found my hearing came back (22 years later) and I’ve since had it tested again with no medical issues found to exist. There’s been no need for a hearing aid, so that’s been a big change.

Other things also changed. I had not been able to stand up, present and talk in front of groups. It always terrified me. I’d hide, stay quiet and I wouldn’t voice any opinion. I would just stay in the background, but now I’m actually excited and look forward to presenting. Others enjoy my presentations and positively talk about me, my work and ideas. What used to be terrifying is now fun and enjoyable; something I look forward to.

In addition, Natalia also helped me to process difficult situations in life, including how to come to terms with different things, be more myself and be able to talk with others without cutting myself off or isolating. I’m more sociable and spend more time with friends, family and colleagues. I also live life more enjoyably. My life is now more fun and happy. I don’t really feel depressed, lonely, or sad anymore, even if I am on my own. It’s a much more peaceful, happier time and I’m able to do what I want, without feeling the pressure of having to do what others expect. I just feel a lot happier and a lot more myself again.

Before Natalia, this wasn’t possible and I couldn’t be myself. I was having to be hidden, with low self-confidence and low self-esteem. My confidence was at rock bottom but now it’s much higher and, in addition, I no longer procrastinate. I was probably one of the worst at procrastinating. Everything would be put off to the last minute or the last possible point. I think that just created more stress, more pressure, in my life, whereas now that is gone thanks to the sessions with Natalia. Now I’m able to just do things when I should be doing them, or when I need to do them, and everything has sort of lifted. Life is much less stressful and more pleasant for me. I can do what I want, when I want, and not be stuck and stressed.

What I liked about Natalia’s healing and therapy session is that we would look at the root cause of the problems and not just find a quick fix. We would work on a subconscious level and find out what would trigger the emotions and behaviours in me (conscious level). Through the sessions we’ve worked out how to heal these. That’s probably one of the main things I like.

I would look forward to my sessions with Natalia. It’s reassuring that I could find a resolution to my problems. Healing with Natalia is always relaxing, which is, I guess reassuring and I always came away feeling so much better than I had before coming into a session. It’s always quite good fun, interesting, very helpful, and it’s helped me on so many different levels. It’s about working with someone that you know cares and is interested in you, who you are, what you do and how to make you ‘you’ again. To bring the best out of you to, to help you to reconnect back to you, and realise your full potential. I feel more myself than I have done for such a long time. So much better. So much happier.

I recommend Natalia to anyone. Whatever you’re struggling with, be it physical, mental or medical issues. I think it can benefit anyone because of the combination of different kinds of therapy. Different issues need different approaches. So it helps. I think anyone would benefit.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Nathan from hearing loss for over 22 years, confidence problems, low self-belied, procrastination, relationship problems, and sexual problems, I provided holistic healing, an integration of hypnotherapy and spiritual energy healing. Short-term therapy and healing positively transformed his mind on all levels (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) resulting in rapid and permanent relief from his mental health issues.