When I first met Natalia, I was at a crisis point in my mental health that was impacting my physical health, work, and family relationships.

I also had no one I could safely turn to. Throughout that crisis period, Natalia’s compassionate, patient and thorough approach to therapy gave me the vital crux I needed, not only to work through my severe depression and anxiety day-to-day, but also to apply for my dream job at an industry-leading firm. Thanks to her invaluable support I live a much fuller life, have received a promotion and developed a completely different, healthier, perspective.

Natalia’s approach is extremely deep and takes you on a journey to the roots of why you developed your condition in the first place. Whilst the days of crisis are far behind me, my sessions with Natalia have taught me a precise consciousness of my thoughts with two very empowering results:

1) She helped me to discover my full sense of identity; exploring talents and beliefs I had not had sufficient self-belief to explore before.

2) She has transformed the way I view other people; enabling a greater sense of self-awareness, empathy and compassion that has transformed my relationships.

The fact that Natalia has been able to improve my life from the depths of crisis to everyday healthy living is testament to the breadth of her skills. She can transform the life of anyone with an open mind and a desire to improve.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

I healed Olivia using my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy, which heals patients quickly using a proven combination of mind and genetic reprogramming, and spiritual energy healing.