With Natalia there is a way out and you’re not alone in it. There are many other people suffering.

I was one of them and was afraid to reach out for help. With Natalia’s help, not only did I realise the importance of self-love but also how to be self-loving, all the time and unconditionally. How to have a good life for yourself and make it happen; to manifest all the things I want and just live a fulfilling life.

Before meeting Natalia, I didn’t know who I was and what I wanted. I experienced emotional ups and downs, self-neglect and self-deprivation. I couldn’t understand why I was suffering. I found Natalia through a referral and came to therapy to learn how to move on and fully heal. After each session, I felt significantly better without lapsing. I’ve noticed a difference in my everyday life, as a student, a family member, a friend and as a human, as if I was climbing a ladder higher and higher.

Natalia’s spiritual energy healing and psychotherapy helped me a lot. I learned how to have fun again, be spontaneous and not be in my shell. It healed my self-worth and self-confidence. My mood became stable as soon as I was cured from bipolar. Medications were no longer required as my mind illuminated.

Having psychotherapy and spiritual energy healing therapy with Natalia gives me hope and strength. After each session, I would leave feeling 100 times better and like I can achieve anything and do everything. I faced my fears and now I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, able to be me, be proud, and be happy with who I am. I feel great, achieving all my heart desires. Thank you Natalia.

If you are suffering with any mental, emotional, or psychological problems, I would recommend Natalia as she can truly heal. This healing brought me back to sanity and sound health. No mental health – no happiness, as Natalia says.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To help Terry heal from identity loss, severe anxiety, depression, delusion, speech problems, social problems, loss of direction, self-destruction, self-disconnection, hate, anger, a broken heart, bipolar and personality disorder, I provided a combination of psychotherapy and mind transformation with spiritual energy healing (short term therapy/healing).