I had the pleasure of receiving online analytic psychotherapy and spiritual energy healing sessions from Natalia for over six months and I do not know where to begin to describe my journey and how much of a positive impact Natalia has made on my life.

Natalia has very gently and skilfully led me to realise my full potential. Each problem or issue that I needed addressing was carefully unpacked and I was led down the path of love and understanding of myself, those around me and the universe as a whole. I was able to heal wounds from the past, to listen to and protect my inner child and to untangle misunderstandings and misconceptions that I had formed in unhealthy relationships. I was able to find my own strength, learn how to be my own support and find the joy in my life that I had forgotten about.

Instead of trying to avoid or run away from the pain of my past and present, or any fears about the future, I learned how to understand myself and my feelings better. I learned how to address what was holding me back, feel whatever I needed to feel and find a way to move on. Most importantly of all, Natalia has given me the tools to use in difficult situations that I can use whenever I need them. I feel that now I can analyse the situations that I am in and find healthy ways to more forward.

Natalia has an extremely caring approach and a very deep knowing of the soul. She has a gift for understanding exactly what I am trying to say (a lot of the time even better than I understand myself). I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and I hope that one day we will meet in person.

Natalia Nad, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and energy-spiritual healer, comments:

To heal Victoria from multiple mental and emotional issues, I provided sessions of my Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy, which combines the practices of psychotherapy and spiritual energy healing.