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The power of your subconscious – use positive mental thought patterns to get the life you want

We all have unlimited potential and power within us to create the life we want, but many of us live unfulfilling lives. Through my experience providing therapy and healing to many, I have seen that changing limiting subconscious beliefs and conscious negative thinking can lift people out of crippling states, enhance mental and physical health, and overcome many issues and conditions. Subconscious thought patterns can make you more whole, vital and strong while enabling progress to the life you desire.

What obstructs the unlimited power within yourself?

Our experiences form beliefs about ourselves and the world. The law of life is belief. It is done to you as you believe. Beliefs are thoughts in your mind which cause the power of your subconscious to influence all aspects of your life according to your thinking habits. Our thoughts and beliefs are all charged with energy and are like unquestioned commands that order and shape our destiny and control our life.

It is our mind that is creating endless struggles and scenarios as a result of our beliefs. Remember, it is not the thing believed in that hurts or harms you, but the belief or thought in your mind which creates the result. Our life takes the shape of our thoughts and beliefs. We become what we believe our selves to be.

How to make the positive change and get the life you want?

One of the ways for us to make our life greater is to:

  1. Decide to think honorable and sacred thoughts. Great and noble thoughts upon which you habitually dwell become great acts. Know that belief is a thought in your mind and what you think you create. 
  2. Decide what your belief is. Believe in perfect health, prosperity, peace, wealth, and divine guidance. Know that in your deeper mind are Infinite Intelligence and Power. 
  3. There is always a direct response from the infinite intelligence of your subconscious mind to your conscious mind. You must ask. Ask and it shall be given. You must ask believing if you are to receive.  
  4. Imagine the end you desire and feel its reality. Follow it through and you will get definite results. Your thoughts create things.
  5. To make a positive change, choose to see yourself and others beyond any limiting beliefs you have formed through life’s challenges and hurts. Let go of prejudices, fears, superstitions, and resentments. 
  6. Believe in yourself! Remember that your true self has vast reservoirs of potential and power way beyond your expectations. The true self is the cosmic power and is the divine consciousness. It is unlimited power, intelligence, abundance, bliss, peace, and knowledge. Within you, you have all the resources to create the life you want. 

Decide to invest in yourself and your healing for your grander and greater life. Take a step towards positive change for a greater future!

If you wish to receive professional help in overcoming your limiting subconscious beliefs and thought patterns, I would be happy to help you.

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Natalia Nad – Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Energy-Spiritual Healer, Psychic and Medium.

“Investment in your health is the greatest investment of all. Your health is the key to your happiness and success” Natalia Nad.