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Three Death Warnings

Three Death Warnings

By 14 November 2022March 9th, 2023Blog

Life is like a ticking timebomb; anything can happen to anyone at any time. Death is born with life and is its shadow. Death is frightening to some; others seek it before its time. The fortunate follow death warnings and save their own lives. Others welcome the fate of an early death instead.

Fate is a destiny formed by the mind, but the mind is blind, it needs directing. Use intellect and follow the heart. As in the example below, the opportunity to avoid death may come, but we must make the effort to take advantage of it.

Kas’ fate was of an early death but the first warning out of three came to save his life.

I first heard of Kas nine months prior to the date his death through brain haemorrhage was fated. I heard words of praise for Kas and his admirable achievements. Yet, I sensed Kas needed to see me urgently for healing. I invited him for a free healing to demonstrate my selfless intentions. He ignored my message and four weeks later he suffered a near-fatal stroke and crashed his car.

Troubles occur from time to time to warn us to be on our guard.

Six months passed after the accident and Kas was still incapacitated cognitively. He suffered with severe brain damage, paralysing migraines and constant nose bleeding. He came to see me in despair. With regret he explained he had wanted to see me before the stroke but due to the stigma attached to mental health issues, he had felt too ashamed to speak out about his feelings and private troubles.

Mental health is even more important than physical health. The mind controls the brain, senses and body. The body without the mind is inert. We need the mind to speak, to think and to use our body. We can stop the body from harming the mind and positively influence the mind via the body but to do so we need the mind. Always put your psychological well-being first! Do not let anything hold you back from receiving the help you require.

Fortunately, Kas’ health significantly improved after his first session; almost all his symptoms healed. After the second session, his cognitive functioning returned to normal. He resumed his life and returned to his high-pressure job. Although he felt great, I knew he was still vulnerable and needed another two sessions to alter his mind’s harmful responses to stress. We agreed he would resume healing as soon as possible.

The power to prolong or shorten your life is in your own hands. Your lifespan is prolonged when you are full of joy and peace. When you are filled with harmful thinking, emotions such as stress, fear, envy, anger and hatred, then your lifespan is shortened.

Second Death Warning

Nine weeks prior to his death, I received a second vision that Kas had to see me urgently for healing. Death, like a dark cloud, was dangerously nearing him. He agreed to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

Third and Final Death Warning

Four weeks before his death, I received a third warning of Kas’ urgent need for healing by me. Kas confirmed that his health had significantly deteriorated, caused by the stresses of work pressure and a hate-filled divorce. He booked an urgent session for the Friday of that week. Unfortunately, he completely forgot the appointment.

Soul Healing

Around 2pm on Friday November 26th, a crow flew into my therapy room. The bird sat close, looked straight at me friendly manner but with the tone of urgency. My patient commented, ‘Oh how very strange, this is the bird of death!’

Kas had come for healing but in the spirit, shortly after he had been pronounced dead. He had suffered two brain haemorrhages that morning, the second of which happened on the operating table.

Kas was granted the opportunity to save his life, but his inaction sealed his fate. Ignoring the three death warnings meant he chose death, be it consciously or subconsciously. Regardless of the circumstances, always put your health first – your health is your true wealth! Without health there is only suffering or no life at all. Follow your heart’s guidance and you shall escape your undesirable fate. Your heart is good, selfless, and always right. It is the very essence of the Supreme Consciousness, the Self.

Kas’ Journey

During the two weeks before the cremation of his body, Kas suffered a great deal. An earthbound spirit, he visited me daily, extremely distressed that nobody could hear him and devastated by his family’s despair. Continuously refusing to be released into the light of afterlife, he was adamant he wanted to stay to support his family. It was only when we agreed to see his family for healing that he became receptive of the idea of moving on.

The healing was performed on the family collectively and individually. The session lasted five hours and included psychoanalysis, energy-spiritual healing, channelling, clairvoyance and mediumship work. The family asked questions and Kas communicated his final wishes. All attained peace.

Kas’ Experiences in the Afterlife

On the following day, the day before his cremation, Kas came in spirit and told me he was ready to be taken to the light. After being absent for around five days after this, he returned for a short visit looking radiant and happy with a garland of red flowers around his neck. His family confirmed the unique combination of flowers were his favourite. Joyfully he described a magical place where he was now residing, where he could manifest anything that he wanted. For example, he could put two small twigs together and produce a bicycle in an instant, then ride it in the air if he willed it or shrink it to fit his pocket. His family and I were delighted to know that Kas was very happy.

Do not worry about what happened, what is happening or what is to come. Let things happen in their due course. However, learn lessons and be vigilant.

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Natalia Nad, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP, Theta Healer, Energy-Spiritual Healer, Medium: S.C. Holistic Therapy Healing.