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What is a fetish?

What is a fetish?

Most people think a fetish is a kink or a sexual quirk, but in actual fact a fetish is a debilitating mental disorder, one that can be as addictive and destructive as heroin.

Many people with a fetish feel deeply ashamed, alone and misunderstood. Most struggle to form lasting and intimate relationships, while others find their lives controlled by their compulsion.

What is a fetish?

Most fetishes begin in puberty, infecting the body like a virus and replacing all other means of sexual gratification.

Some fetish addicts can hide and control it whereas others are controlled by it. Eventually, for most, fetish dependency becomes ‘the sexual way’ replacing a conventional sex and healthy relationships.

What are some examples of fetishes?

Fetishes can manifest in all sorts of ways. You may fantasise about cheating on your partner, or you may need to be humiliated, controlled, dominated in order to reach climax.

Fetishes can also be linked to an object or behaviour. Some examples include: tights, sneezing, urination, strangling, cross dressing, nappy dressing, and rape. When it comes to fetishes, the list is endless.

What causes a fetish?

Fetishes mostly arise as a result of childhood trauma – either witnessed or experienced.

Most fetish addicts will talk of a difficult upbringing, with themes of loss, abuse and emotional hurt. Even bearing witness to trauma at a young age is enough to trigger a fetish in later life.

Is a fetish a mental illness?

Yes. Those afflicted with a fetish typically suffer from low self-esteem, disconnection, fear of intimacy, sexual inhibitions, anger, shame, difficulty to love, and emotional vulnerability.

Like a heroin addiction, the fetish itself offers a form of escapism, but the momentary feeling of pleasure is soon replaced by feelings of disgust and self-hate, which in the most extreme cases can lead to suicide.

Can a fetish be cured?

It’s a widely perpetuated myth that a fetish can’t be cured, only managed, but my firsthand experience of treating fetishes has proved that with the right combination of brain reprogramming and holistic healing, a fetish can be cured. My most recent patient, who suffered with an obsessive shoe and foot fetish for over 40 years was cured of his fetish in just 1.5 hours and has had no recurrence of his fetish since.

Take the example of another former patient of mine, Mr M:

Mr. M, was an attractive 26 year old who was only able to achieve sexual climax by imagining a woman urinating or by listening to sound of urination. His fetish became obsessive, controlling his life and resulting in depression, OCD and loss of confidence.

To help Mr. M I provided Supreme Healing Holistic Therapy, an instant brain rewiring, physical traumas and mental impressions (conscious, unconscious) erase. Mr. M was able to kick his fetish and go on to build healthy sexual relationships with women.

My approach works with lasting results because it encompasses a combination of therapies and healing, including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and theta healing (spiritual energy healing) to reprogram the brain and drive out the root cause of a fetish.

If you wish to overcome your fetish, contact me on +(0) 7848 004400 or email: for a no-obligation 15 minute consultation, or to arrange your first two hour session.